First Steps in the B&R Community

New to the B&R Community?

Welcome! We are glad you have joined us. We invite you to get acquainted with your new community:

Getting Started Material

We have a handful of useful getting started posts that help to orient you within our community.

Most importantly, this is where you can find our community guidelines. These guidelines are in place to keep our community a safe space for collaboration. There are also several points that help to clarify the role of our community within the B&R ecosystem.

You can also learn about the points system, and how to increase your status within the community :muscle:

Introduce Yourself

After reviewing the getting started materials, feel free to introduce yourself via the Introductions Channel. We’d be happy to hear a bit about your background and say hi!

Start Exploring!

From there, feel free to browse through the channels or check out the posts related to a tag that you’re interested in. Post your own topic to start a new conversation!