Hardware configuration

We cannot understand why from the hardware diagnostics tree (sdm) we see a hardware configuration that does not reflect the real physical situation.

Basically (under the x2x bus) we are seeing 2 modules (node ST5, ST6) that are not physically connected.
In their place we should see 2 other modules with node ST11 and ST12 with a “green check” status in the sdm.

In the real physical situation the X20PS4951 (node ST11) and X20AI4222 (node ST12) (in order) are connected next to the X20DO8322 (node ST4).

This is the hardware configuration file string:

Here some images that describe the situation:


What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Martin,

Based on your first screenshot, it looks like you’re using mapp IO to reconfigure the hardware tree. Is that correct?

Your XML file is overwriting the Automation Studio hardware tree, and so the SDM reflects your XML file. These are the X2X nodes on your bus:

Stations 1-4: X20PS9400, X20AI4322, X20DI9371, X20DO8322. These are connected and communicating as expected.

Next, your XML file has told the controller to expect the X20PS4951 and the X20AI4222 at stations 11 and 12 respectively. This is why they are at the end of the list in the SDM. I expect that if you click on them, you’ll see their paths to end in “ST11” and ST12".

However, there are no modules in between the X20DO8322 and the X20PS4951. This means that the X20PS4951 is actually at ST5 and the X20AI4222 is actually at ST6. Your XML file doesn’t specify any hardware at these stations, so the controller doesn’t expect anything there. That’s why they are “not configured” in the SDM.

Are you also using X20BM15 (addressable bus module) for the first non-linear address number?

In your case this should actually a X20BM05 as the X20PS4951 is a Power Supply module.

Because without these the numbers for the stations will be sequential.

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Yes we are using mapp IO.
Now we tried switching the modules in the configuration (in AS) and the physical order so that they match (and also changed the configuration string accordingly), and everything works!

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We are using X20BM11 not X20BM15, so it follows a sequential order as you said.
Maybe we should consider using X20BM15 and X20BM05.
Thanks for the answer!

Awesome, glad to hear it’s working now!