HMI Running Slowly, Lagging

Hello again.

I am working on changing a program from running on a PP 65 panel to running on a PPC80 panel. I have successfully gotten the program to start the visualization, and the program appears to function correctly. The one issue I am still having is that the visualization seems to lag a bit. Other programs have undergone the change in panel and their visualization runs smoothly and more quickly than when it was on the PP 65 panel. The current program that has the lagging visualization is smaller than the other two programs, so shouldn’t be taking up too much of the CPU.

How would I be able to troubleshoot this issue through Automation-Studio?

Thank you!

Hi @zachary.wolfe , it is not mentioned directly but based on hw I assume you speak about VC4 visualization. If so, then there is difference between PP65 (VC in terminal) and PPC80 (VC running in VNC server. With technology VNC server and VNC client usually lagging can be seen during page navigation, because complete page is send from server to client. You can try to change refresh rate. if problem is general for complete visu.
If the the problem is page related, you can try to simplify it (e.g. reduce pictures resolution, etc).

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I just checked, and the refresh rate was the issue. Thank you for pointing that out to me @kovarj!!

Hi @zachary.wolfe, happy to help :slight_smile: