Usage of T50 - 15" panel with X20CP0410 controller

Is there any challenge or limitation in using X20CP0410 Controller along with T50 - 15" panel, Will this create screen sluggish performance ( may be the high CPU loading). Is there any way to address it with out choosing higher version of PLC controller.
May be some programming techniques or other alternate ideas to address the such problems - Kindly suggest possible or implemented solutions

Hi @borellir, if you are speaking about mappView visualization, then you can check this post. MappView performance. There are already some tips + link to AS Help. If you would like to use VC4 and VNC viewer, then the most performance are needed during page switching and if you you load high resolution pictures. But honestly speaking, no one can give you really good suggestion about hw without knowing your application. Application itself is not only about visualization, it is also about logic, maybe motion, communication, etc. I always say take a time and if you do not have experiences with this hw do a performance test (try to think about what all functionalities you need and add them to the project and check the behavior of the hw (CPU usage, memory usage, Panel touch reaction, etc.). Advantage of the B&R solution is that you can always change hw in your project to more performance one usually without sw changes.