Compatibility cpu x20 cp1584 with 4 cpu x20 cp1484 and panel 6ppt50.0702-16b

Hello, good morning. I’m new to this forum and to PLC AND B&R PANELS.

We have an X20 CP 1584 CPU in which a project is executed through its SD memory card and a 6PPT50.0702-16B PANEL, this X20 CP1584 CPU also has a B&R USB memory installed that we imagine saves the T50 PANEL project. Both the CPU and the panel work correctly and the operator interacts with the panel and the project on the CPU.

Now we find the following problem, we have another low-end CPU that is the X20 CP1484 CPU, which also has another SD memory card where the same project is executed, but this CPU does not have a USB stick or T50 PANEL.

The question is:

How could we run this X20 CP1484 CPU with the previous T50 PANEL that has been configured for the X20 CP 1584 CPU?

Is there a way to download the program from the T50 panel and make it work on the X20 CP1484 CPU?

Any help would be of great importance.

Only a VNC viewer and/or a web browser runs on the T50 panel. In your case, the visualization runs on the X20CPU. The T50 can also connect to a VNC viewer running on the X20CP1484. The USB storage certainly has nothing to do with the T50 panel. Therefore, you cannot download any software from the T50 panel.

if the project is really the same (i doubt that tbh) then you can connect T50 to another CPU. If the IP address is the same as well it will work out of the box, if not then you have to change it on t50 side using service page. How to access and change it you can read in user manual. Power Panel T50 user's manual | B&R Industrial Automation

Hello Jaroslav Kovar, as you say, the T50 panel runs as a VNC viewer.
The configuration of the X20CP1584 only differs from the
X20CP1484 in which the latter must not have the VNC viewer configured, all other variables, labels, including the IP are the same and if the IP does not match I can always change it from the service page.

How can I configure the X20CP1484 with VNC viewer.
If I replace the SD memory card in the X20CP1484 with the memory card in the X20CP1584, I understand that it would not work either because the configuration hardware
refers to CPU X201584 correct me if I’m wrong.

The only solution is to download the X20CP1584 configuration with Automation Studio and modify it for the X20CP1484 hardware. This is what I ask.
I imagine that the project cannot be accessed to modify it.?

How can I use this T50 panel with the X20CP1484 if it does not have the VNC viewer configured and I cannot access the X20CP1584 project?

Thank you for your time.

Hi Julian, if the VNC server is not configured in X20CP1484 then you can not access it from T50. The only way how to configure it is to have original source project, enable VNC server on Ethernet interface and download this change. You can not upload source files from PLC if these are not stored there. And you are correct, you can not just swap CF card between CP1484 and CP1585. So the key question there is, do you have source files, do you have project? if not you have to contact developer.

Hello Julian,

you cannot download the project from the 1584 controller. There is only compiled binary code on the CPU. In order to convert the project to an X20CP1484 you need the project from the system manufacturer.
Since the X20CP1484 is discontinued, you should consider whether it makes sense to switch the project to this CPU.

Best regards

I noticed in your photo that you are using a non-recommended network cable on the Powerlink interface (right interface with green cable).

B&R recommends this cable: Twisted Pair, S/UTP or SF/UTP original B&R cabling (EMC-tested), S/FTP or SF/FTP from other manufacturers, AWG26 Cat. 5 patch cables

Technical data

Hello again, thanks to both of you for the information.

It is clear that in order to use the X20CP1484 I need the developer’s original project.

In the event that I got the original project and we also loaded the VNC server enabled

Would the X20CP1484 work with the T50 PANEL?

Would the X20CP1484 also work with a VNC client viewer installed on a PC?

Could any version of AUTOMATION STUDIO make these changes of enabling VNC server on X20CP1484 or VNC viewer client on PC?

Thank you both for answering these last questions. Greetings.

T50 is only client, VNC server must be enabled and configured on CP1484. So if there is enough memory, CPU performance and available idle time then yes, it will work :wink: This question you have discuss with developer, we can not give you more than general answer there. VNC server can be accessed from any VNC client, so T50 or PC does not matter. Any Automation Studio can be used for that, but again the best is to use one that developer of your project has already used.

Thank you. I already know the way forward, all doubts resolved.

Thank you for your time.

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Hello again.

In visualization of a project, through T50 panel or client VNC on remote PC:

-To select one of the two types of client, is it always necessary to access the original project to select one or the other client?

-Can it be configured in such a way that the two clients (T50 panel and VNC client) are always operational and the original project does not have to be modified?

Thank you in advance.

In project, during VNC server configuration you can configure how many clients can be parallelly connected to the VNC server. So if you need two clients (T50 and remote PC) you have to set number of clients to 2. Be careful, on both client there will be identical visualization (e.g. if you navigate to another page on T50, then on remote PC page will be changed as well). So it is not unique session per client as it is with e.g. mappView.

Thank you for the explanation.

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