MappView performance

How to improve Mapp View application performance.

Hi Vinod,

This section in the Help describes the mapp View performance guidelines:
B&R Online Help (

Please have a look on that section, and if you have a more specific question afterwards, please share it with us here!

just to add some experience to the Help Guidlines…

  1. Hardware:
  1. Software:
  • E. g. the tab control widget pose the risk that there are a lot of widgets on one page, which can lead to very long loading times. In that case it is maybe better to work with a contencontrolwidget- there is a sample in the mvHighlights Project at the widget overview Page
  • caching/precaching helps to improve the operation experience a little bit- but there are cases where it is neccessary to switch to a hardware with higher Performance

Hello, It is important to determine the right performance based on certain expected criteria for the HMI application. So, we have guidelines for selecting client hardware.

Widget class is one of the most important thing because this refers to the complexity of a widget. You should configure the pages and hardware based on this.

Also, as mentioned in the previous comment, preCache makes it possible to force the preloading of all pieces of content in the HMI application. We recommend to use it.

Thanks for your information