Mapp View - Performance recommendations

The performance of a mapp View HMI application depends on many factors and can vary greatly depending on the implementation of the HMI application. The following guidelines outline several factors and suggestions that can improve or optimize the performance of an HMI application.

The functionality of the mapp View HMI application depends on the selected client and server hardware, but also on the software design of the mapp View HMI application.

For example, the specific widget classes are recommendations to follow for the selected mapp View Client hardware (e.g. the recommended widget classes are A and B for a T50).

Please read the “mapp View performance guidelines” to get a better understanding → Automation Studio Help GUID: 2be79b75-8808-4a89-8543-e040a99a5bd1


Link to the online help: LINK

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Apart from number of widgets, widget class and Hardware CPU/RAM power, Mapp View application performance also depends on number of connected variables via OPC/UA and Mapp components.