HMI low performance and rebooting after importing framework components

A customer is using a 6PPT80.101E-16A HMI with an X20CP1684. They have imported components from Framework for recipe, userX, report, file backup and alarms.

After changing the code to match the project, the performance of the HMI is slow and is rebooting in between.

They say The HMI was alright before they downloaded the screens imported from framework.

What possible step could we ask them to take. Would adding each framework component one by one and testing it be a good start?

Hi, what do you mean by framework? is it customer framework or mapp Framework? I can only guess based on your description that your visualization is too complex for your hw configuration. So testing your visualization without framework component would be good start and then you can import component by component to check what is real cause of your issue. Take into consideration mappView performance guidelines and mapp View widget class clasification.

Refer to this article from Andrej

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