Visualisation on a PPT50 slow

Hi Community,

I have a problem with my visualization.

A mapp view visualisation runs by the webserver on my X20CP1684.

If I open the visualisation at the browser on my pc, everything runs smooth and i have no delays at changing pages. Also, Online chart widgets run smooth and have a good refresh rate.

If I open the same Visualisation at my Powerpanel 6PPT50.156B-10A, everything is very slow. It takes a few seconds to open a new page and also the Online charts refresh very slow.

Is there any option to get it faster running?

Before I changed to mapp view, at the panel ran a VC4 Visualisation. This visualization ran much faster.

Thanks, Peter

Welcome Peter,

mappView’s performance relies much on the browser’s performance

there are already some posts regarding this:

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We also faced similar issue and come out 90% after putting lot of efforts.
Please refer attached screen shot and verify your hardware capability and widget classes.


OnlineChart is “C” class widget and it is not recommended to use it on T50. You can of course use it but you have to accept that the response can be slower. You can of course try to reduce amount of datapoints communicated etc. but very likely you will need more powerfull hw for client.

Thanks for the fast reply.

I’ll try some of the improvements and hints of the manual.
It is not the big deal, when the speed can’t get improved.

I just wanted to figure out if there are any options to improve it.


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i had the same problem using a compact cpu x20cp0484 - visualisation on T50 terminal
the vc part worked smooth , but started the mappview project on the same hardware after a random time the mapp view application gets frozen.

After updating the firmware of the terminal everything works perfect, the cpu runs vc and mappview simultaneously without freezing.

Maybe you this solves the problem,

wth rgds


Hi Sven,

Thanks for the hint. Good idea.
Never thought about the firmware :smiley:

I’ll try it and give you feedback.

Greets Peter

It is always good idea to keep your hw updated. But from your description it looks like that your visualization is not the fastest one generally, so it is not getting worse during the time. If so, then it is not a problem of a browser (image update will not improve it)