How can I save SystemDump data on the user partition of the CF card?


I have an AP1120 TFT C WVGA 7in T panel with a CFast card. This memory card is partitioned as follows:

Primary Partition 1 ← HD0

  • C: ← SYSTEM
  • D: ← DATA1
  • E: ← DATA2
  • F: ← USER

I would now like to create a system dump on the USER partition. I use the command

Enable = TRUE;
Configuration = 0;
adr(Device) = adr(‘HD0’);
adr(File) = adr(‘SysDump’);
adr(Param) = adr(0);

SdmSystemDump(enable, configuration, air(Device), adr(File), adr(Param), status)

to create the desired system dump on HD0 (i.e., the SYSTEM partition).

But how do I create this system dump on the USER partition?

‚HD3‘ does not work.

Thx for answers and kind regards

Hi Mark,

You will need to set up a file device pointing to your user partition. This can be done either in the CPU configuration or via the function block DevLink.


Many thanks for your reply. It works fine now.