How to change the browser tab Icon for a MappView Visualization

Hello all! I just learned how to do this and I figured that it would be good to share here for the sake of information sharing.


I wanted to change the icon on my web browser tab to a customers’ logo instead of the default B&R logo. I was struggling finding the answer to how to do this in the help, but it turned out to be very simple. Just paste the line below into the configuration section of the .vis file and change the filename to your desired icon in the mappView/Resources/Media folder in your AS project.

<Configuration key="favicon" value="Media/Logo/*Your_File_Here*.ico" />

Note: I have only tried this with .ico files so I cannot verify if it works with any other filetypes.

Hope this helps!


Additional file types, which are supported are:

  • ICO (file extension .ico)
  • PNG (file extension .png)
  • GIF (file extension .gif)

Default sizes and color depths:

  • ICO: 16 × 16 or 32 × 32 and 16 to 16.7 million colors
  • GIF and PNG: 16 × 16 and 256 colors

This is documented in the Help here
mapp View visualization object


Thank you for this hint.

Is it also possible to change the initial logo which shows up when the mappView visualization is loaded to a customer logo?


Yes, it is also possible to change to boot logo. Have a look onto the following configuration keys. One definies the background color and the other one the logo.

<Configuration key="bootColor" value="#FFFFFF" />
<Configuration key="bootLogo" value="Media/CustomerLogo.svg" />

Yeah, you can change both of them just like this:
Bootlogo and favicon