Show "Boot Logo" in mapp View

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The procedure detailed in the previous post will show the desired logo at terminal startup, but if the mappView boot image is not modified it will show the B&R logo again while loading the visualization.

To modify the mappView boot logo simply add these two lines in the “Configurations” section of the mapp View visualization object (.vis) file. Where the background image and background color will be defined.

          <Configuration key="bootLogo" value="Media/company_bootlogo.bmp" />
          <Configuration key="bootColor" value="#FFFFFFFF" />

In this case it does not have to match in pixels with the screen resolution, if the image is smaller than the screen it will display smaller and fill the rest of the screen with the background color.

If the “bootColor” parameter is not added, the background will be displayed in orange, which is the default color.

The only conditions are:

  • PNG, JPEG, SVG, BMP or GIF format.
  • Image located inside the “mapp View Media” folder in the Logical View.

Hope also this information is useful!

Just as a suggestion, use SVG for your boot logo so it scales nicely with different clients and resolutions like testing with a laptop and/or monitor

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