Show "Boot Logo" on C80 / Power Panel T-Series

By default, the B&R logo is displayed on the Power Panel C80 or Power Panel T-Series when switching on. To change this and display a specific image during startup, a specific configuration is required.

The procedure is the same whether you choose to use a VNC or mappView display.

There are certain limitations with the image that can be used in both cases (C80 and T50).

  • .bmp format
  • Images present in the Logical View of the project (no specific path)
  • Same dimensions in pixels as the screen resolution (otherwise AS does not allow to select it)
  • TFTP server enabled (by default this is already the case)

The configuration in AS between one case and the other is very similar although not exactly the same (the options are in different places).

Power Panel C80:

Power Panel T-Series (T30, T50, FT50, T80):

Hope this information is useful!