How to change the scaling of the font size (menu structure)?

I have a question regarding APROL 4.2-07.
We work in our company on widescreen monitors (4K and WQHD).
Unfortunately, the font of the Meneus or the tree structure is now so small,
that you can hardly recognize the font.

Unfortunately, I have not found a menu item to change the font size.

Hence my question, how can I change it?


You can change the font size in the linux System Settings and it will make a change in all APROL Programs too.

best regards

You have to restart the linux Graphical Desktop Environment (KDE) to make the changes effective.
To do this you first change into linux Runlevel 3 and then back into Runlevel 5.
ATTENTION: don’t do it on a running plant system if you are not familier with linux.