How to create a TLS config file in Aprol

How to create a TLS config file?

Hello Jingf!

I just saw you created a ticket for this case.
B&R Support already provide an answer.

Further information can be found in the APROL Manual Chapter D6 Security - APROL TLS

Here you can also find information on how to manually configure your connection, as I can see in your screenshot that you want to do this.

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Hi Sarah,

Thank you very much for your reply. I set it up according to D6, in the TLS config page, created the certificate and added it to the system. However, when the PLC is connected, it cannot be found.

Hi jingf,

You provided a screenshot of ControllerManger and one of the TLS Configuration dialog of CaeManager.
Are they both the same project?
If yes, select “Automatic” in connection configuration of ControllerManager.

If it is still not working, refer to the support team for further assistance.



Hi Christian,

Thank you for your advice. These two images are from a project. I have set up a ticket and am waiting for a reply.
Set automatic, certificate cannot be found. Trying to change other certificates to this path will not work either.

Hi Jingf,

then please, stay in contact with the support team.

Please provide in the ticket the exact information about the connection you want to establish.
Which are the communication partners? Topology would be great.
Where comes the TLS configuration from? Are they all the same project (Engineering system) or not?
Was the project successfully built and downloaded an all communication partners?

When the problem is solved, please provide the solution here.

Thank you and best regards

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Hi Christian,

We’re doing a information security certification on controller in China.
Now, we need is to establish a TLS connection with controller manager.
When the problem is solved, the solution will be here.

Hi Christian

After the NTP of the PLC is set, the time zone is synchronized. Recompile the program, the TLS Configuration will appear, and the TLS connection can be made automatic.

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to sum up:
You have to do a Build of the project, then all configuration files for the communication will be prepared

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