How to create HTTPS connection?

I’m testing an HTTPS client way to transfer data. I used the HTTP case program and the transfer completed successfully.
Now that I have set up a HTTPS server on my computer, the client of PLC using HTTPS wants to further use HTTPS for data transfer.
I don’t know how to configure sslCfgIdent for httpsClient. I generated cert.pem and key.pem using openssl at my computer.
Is there a more detailed way to configure SSL?

Thank you!


you need to configure a SSL configuration in the projects configuration view, please see here how to do that:

The https FB in your code then has to reference to this configuration.

Also you could check the following very good descriptions from Jaroslav, which cover the use-cases for SSL communication for OPC UA and mappView, but also contain some general and helpful information for your use-case:

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Thanks for your reply.
The problem’s been solved.
The ArSslOpen() function block is required to get the ident of the SSL configuration.

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