How to create methods in functionblocks?

as in IEC61131-3 described, the standard supports methods. now i want to migrate our codesys project in to automation studio 4.12.xx.x. but apparently it looks like that those features are still not available?


These are unfortunately not supported as they are added in the 3.rd revision of the standard and Automation Studio supports the 2.nd revision.

thank you! are there near future plans to update to a higher standard?

There were no puplic anouncements about this Topic. Typical B&R anouncements come around 1 year before availability of a function.

If i set this 1 year as “near future plans” the answer is a “No there are no plans”.

You can get in contact with local B&R Sales to discuss this requirment and future plans.


Okay Thank’s for your quick answer.