How to Earn Points

Want to rise in the ranks? Here’s how!

There are a number of things that you can do within the community to increase your user points and work towards becoming a top user:

:100: Solution accepted: +15 points

If you answer a question and the original poster marks your comment as the solution, you earn 15 points! Sharing your B&R expertise is the quickest way to rise in the ranks :muscle:

:triangular_flag_on_post: Flags accepted: +10 points

If you flag a post and a moderator accepts the flag (meaning, the moderator agrees the post was indeed inappropriate in some way), then you earn 10 points. Thank you for helping to keep our community a safe place!

:email: User invites accepted: +10 points

If you invite someone to the B&R Community and they accept, you earn 10 points.

:mega: Topics created: +5 points

Earn 5 points for every new topic you post.

:speech_balloon: Replies created: +2 points

Earn 2 points for every reply you make on someone else’s topic.

:+1: Likes received: +1 point

Earn 1 point for every like you receive on a comment or topic.