How we can create a B&R function block Instance Structure under

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We are working integrating B&R Controller to our HMI system.
Here we are facing one problem, how we can create object in object (composite object) using information model


Hi, I’m not sure if I got your point properly, but you are probably looking for this configuration file. B&R Online Help. If not please try to describe your problem more in details, you can also use printscreens,etc…

Hi Jaroslav,
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here the explanation,

For e.g we have 3 devices named as Device1FB,Device2FB and Device3FB.Each device has its own signals or variables. Created Function Block for these 3 devices. Called over these 3 Devices in a another Function block called as Area.

when we called this Area Function Block in main program as Plant Area1.

when we upload in our DCS System, we got some thing like this. All FBs were created as Objects under -

created a *tt2pro application using modeler… with the similar object names

when we upload in our DCS System, we got some thing like this. under - uanodeset file - having Instance structure.

Question : Is it possible to create Instance structure with /OpcUa/PLC/PV/

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Chandrasekhar RK

All nodes must be part of the so called namespace. B&R namespace for local and global variables is named for information model 2. This is fixed and you can not change it.

If I understand you properly, you are looking for PlantArea1 instance, that is not visible in It is very likely because you did not enable it in OPCUAmap.uad configuration file. Example where to search for…

Thank you for reply.
Hi my question, is not to change the name of namespace… is it possible to get like “Instance Structure” for the function blocks we created… in the PLCOpen namespace similarly what we created with Ua modeler… using Uanodeset… Thank you

plantArea1 is visible in our DCS System. we have enabled here… then only we can see in uploaded models…


You might take a look at this link in Automation Help regarding structures.

With automatic enable of the elements of the FUB you might get to the result.
Please take care, you only declared internal variables in the FUB. These are not meant to be manipulated.

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