Hypervisor boot error!

HW: APC 910-5PC910.SX01-00(CPU QM170 i7-6820EQ)
OS:brl-10_1.0.1 of Linux
I created usb install drive and installed successfully,
but after rebot,the PC showed errors as you can see


Can anybody teach me how to solve it?
As i had already changed the USB drive.

Hi, is it possible still run linux without hypervisor? if so, I would say the easiest way is to uninstall hypervisor and install it again. By the way if you unplug CFAST card and plug it to the reader to your PC then you can open and read logger. Should by in root of system partion.


in addition to Jaroslavs answer, I’ve two questions:

  • what version of Automation Studio and Automation Runtime is used for generating the USB hypervisor installation stick?

  • Could you please check if the’re logfiles on your USB drive that you’ve used for Hypervisor install? Possibly named “log.txt” and / or “install_log.txt”.
    If yes, can you please post those files?

Hello Mr.Jaroslav , i did it again" I would say the easiest way is to uninstall hypervisor and install it again",but the problem still exists.
I will read logger later.

Hello sir, the AS:4.12.5 AR:I4.93

The install_log:
install_log.zip (16.8 KB)


I can’t see any severe error in the log files.
Assuming that you installed Hypervisor by booting from the USB stick, nevertheless I’m not sure if the installation was really finished (because maybe after Hypervisor installation some AR base operating stuff also have to be done after a first reboot).

So I’m not sure what happened until now, but here’s some common information:

  • If installing from USB stick, nevertheless “Boot from USB first” must not be set in BIOS (to avoid that the system tries to boot again from USB after the first initial step with reboot in the installation process), and the boot type has to be the same then the boot type of the GPOS (means for example: if your Linux is installed with UEFI boot, the USB boot type when installing Hypervisor also has to be UEFI).

  • Do you have had installed the GPOS Hypervisor driver before installing Hypervisor from USB?
    I’m not sure if it’s mandatory to do it in that order, but in documentation installing the GPOS driver is the next step before installing Hypervisor.
    Please see here the information where to find and how to install the GPOS Hypervisor driver.

  • Last but not least: since you’re using a Automation Runtime >= 4.81, you could try to install Hypervisor directly from GPOS instead of using a USB Stick to boot.
    Before trying to install directly from GPOS, please ensure that Hypervisor is uninstalled and that Hypervisor GPOS drivers was installed successfully, and the system was rebooted once after installation of the driver and before installing Hypervisor.
    Please see here how to install Hypervisor directly from GPOS.

Alexander is right, this is the minimum you have to check. I’m not sure if this is intended but last message in install.log is that hypervisor was uninstalled successfully.

ok,i will check those one by one , thanks!

Hello,Mr. hefner,
I installed Hypervisor from GPOS,and it worked
Now i can download the program normally,
Thank you!