Can you share the manual for install hypervisor with Linux_BR_10

HW: APC 910-5PC910.SX01-00(CPU QM170 i7-6820EQ)
OS:brl-10_1.0.1 of Linux
I want to install the hypervisor for automation runtime,
can you share some Instruction Manual about it?
Thank you!

Hello Hypervisor
I found a youtube called “Hello Hypervisor” from loupe.
It’s great to see that it has detailed instructions on how to install the hypervisor,But it would be better if i can have a doc about it.

B&R hypervisor installation and configuration is described here in AS help B&R Online Help. General procedure is the same for Windows/DEBIAN. If there is any small difference for respective GPOS, it is described here as well as possible problem and how to solve it. Together with video from Loupe you can not failed basically. :slight_smile:

Hi @jayD ,
you can find the manuals direct at the website:
APC 910

Linux 10

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got it, thanks :heart: :heart: :grinning: :grinning: