ICMP ping sample code

Hello B&R Community!

I would like to introduce source code for easily implementing an ICMP Ping function, which is commonly used for internet network or TCP/IP communication, on B&R PLC.

What is the ICMP Ping?
It is one of the functions of the Internet Control Message Protocol, used to check the connection status with a device that has an IP address. For a ping test, the sender sends an echo request to the target device’s IP address and verifies the echo reply received from it. If the echo reply is received correctly, the time taken to receive it can be calculated to estimate the line speed to the device. Conversely, if the reply is not received or a destination unreachable message is received, it indicates that the device cannot be reached (physical/logical network connection is not established).

It’s also often used in Windows OS

Basically, you can easily apply it using the sample code from Automation Studio,

but I have added a few features and built a good interface to modularize the task, and now it is available for you to use easily.
Please find the attached source code and Import it to your project

ICMPping.zip (28.4 KB)

I’m hoping that it could help you somehow and Please let me know if there are any issues with the functionality or parts that need modification.

Thank you.


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