IF2 Link Status

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Like IF3 can we get Link ok status for IF2 as well?

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For Ethernet ports this is not directly available in the IOMapping. But as a sidenote this is also availabe on multiport Powerlink devices individually for each port, for Example X20IF1082 or X20BC0083.

This is a bit easier if you have a Ethernet Bond configured as you can use ArEthBondGetData to get, which interface is currently active and which are currently up.

If you do not have a Ethernet Bond configured you could try evaluating the results of EthStat


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Just a follow up question with ArEthBondGetData
We can get the IF2 and IF3 port status of Active PLC. How can we get the IF2 and IF3 status of standby as well as per the below configuration.

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You need to connect directly to both PLCs to get their independent statuses. If you connect to the Cluster address you will always connect to the active PLC (can be primary or secondary).

Also you should remove the “Replicable” marking from the result variables, where you are storing the information. This is to stop the Redundancy sync from overwriting the values of the standby plc from the active one.
Automation Help: Specifying redundancy-relevant application data

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