Is it possible to see the channel type setting of analog IO without Automation Studio

Is it possible to see the channel type setting from analog IO (like 0-10V/ 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA) via the SDM interface? Or are there other options to see the channel type setting without having Automation Studio available?


Im note sure about the SDM, but if your Inputs are already Connected, you can see the difference between “current” and “voltage” by looking at the wiring.

You can see the configuration if you open the “*.hw” File in an editor (i.e.: NotePad++)

If there is anything else configured than “±10V” there is an Entry for the corresponding Channel

The *hw File is located in your Projectfolder in “Physical/#YourConfigrationName#/Hardware.hw”

In response to the question about the SDM, it does not generally contain the configuration register information. So, you can’t use it to identify the configuration of the channel.

Hello Guys,

Thank you for your responses.

The point is that our test engineers come to a conclusion that some AI IO is not functioning properly in a physical system.

  • They check the wiring, this is correct according to the electrical scheme.
  • Next thing they want to check if the IO configuration is also ok. Whats not in this case, because it is configured 0-10V while it had to be 4-20 mA. But they can’t figure this out wouthout asking the software team to check this via Automation Studio

I wondered if there is a way for our test engineers to check this themselves, but doubt there is.


the configuration of a analog input / output is set via the “ConfigOutput02” channel, which is a acyclic write-only register. Because of that, it’s not possible to read it back from the hardware, and can’t be shown in SDM or in own programs.

In addition some more general information about hardware channels / registers:
To figure out which information can be accessed (read or write or both) by own software, the register documentation could help. It can be found in the hardware section of Automation Help, for example here for X20AI4622

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