Mapp Motion CNC Path synchronous functions

I am using the “Interpreter” configuration in mapp motion with the IEC declaration (.fun) to use functions from the PLC in the cnc kernel, but I don’t see a way with this method to specify if it’s path synchronous or ip synchronous.

B&R Online Help (

Is there a way to specify path synchronous functions when using the IEC .fun declarations, or do I need to use the ail files to declare the functions to make them path synchronous?

Hi Josh @c159699

not sure if I’m misunderstanding something in your question but I believe the help link you shared contains the answer to your question.

Under Advanced you can select the synchronization to be either path or ip synchronous.

Ah, our mapp motion version was too old, we didn’t have that:

We are using the IEC section. We updated and it looks like it works, but is there a way to do it with the IEC .fun file(it’s pretty convenient to just use the entire fun file)?