Mapp View multiple displays

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I just created a new post how to test different screen aspect ratios and sizes in simulation here mappView Screen testing

In general mappView can scale with the same aspect ratio automatically. To do so you need to add the “zoom” property and set it “= true” into the configuration of the mappView .vis file. mappView will also zoom and scale to different aspect ratios but just like watching an old movie on an HD TV you will get bars on the the sides or top/bottom because the content will stay true to it’s original aspect ratio.

You also need to consider that a visualization developed for a small screen, lets say 10" will look massive on a 24" screen and vice versa widgets sized for a 24" screen will look tiny on a zoomed out 10" screen. If you have an application which such a large size spread you can either develop the content on a 18" screen so it will look slight bigger on 24" and slightly smaller on 10" or really develop 2 separate pages on different layouts.

mappView configuration

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