mappView Unable to Login with Created User

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Have you guys faced issue where you can’t login to mappView Login Widget using the created user?
According to customer, he is able to login with the other user (Admin, etc) but unable to login with his Maintenance user. This issue occurs after a period of time, means he was able to login with the Maintenance user previously but suddenly he just couldn’t login with the Maintenance user anymore.
Appreciate if anyone have a solution for this issue.


You can check details from AS help from ,mappview/ client Actions/Login

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If the customer is using MpUserX for the user management, it is also possible that the user is expired or that the user (or another person who wanted to login as the user) entered the password wrong for too many times.

MpUserX Online Help

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I would check logger in this case. There could be more information recorded. For reading logger you can use Automation Studio or System diagnostic manager.

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Once I had the situation that users where deleted by the application during runtime- to sumerize all suggestions:

  1. Is RBAC or MpUserX in use
  2. What is entered in Logger
  3. How is MpUserX configured?
  4. Is UserList Widget in use and what does it shows for that Maintenance User?
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