Modify size of AlarmList configuration dialog

I am creating a mappView application for a 7 inch, 800x480px panel. I want to use the AlarmList widget and would like to use the already existant Configuration window (See Here) for filtering the alarms.

The problem I encountered is, that the configuration window has a height of more than 480px, meaning that a part of it is cut off, especially the “Ok” and “Cancel” buttons.
Is there a way to resize or somehow scale the dialog?


Tim, this is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

What mapp version are you using? If <5.19, can you try using 5.19 or newer and see if the behavior persists?

Ok, that’s too bad. I hope this will get added in the future.

@brittany.langston I am using Version 5.23

FilterConfiguration is bindable, so even if it is not recommended, you can create string on your own.

Hello @tim.oc

Due to one month of inactivity, this post will be marked as solved. If you would still like assistance on this topic, please add a new reply with the latest status :slight_smile:

The problem still persists, but I think it’s up to B&R now to fix it. So nothing the community can do.

the only solution at the moment is to use filterConfigurtion property and develop your own filter wizard. Lets see what will bring us new mappView 6.x which will be available soon.