OPCUA issue with "Object Type", which disappear on updating the uanodeset file

Hi Everyone,

I am facing a very strange issue (not always) with B&R controller, so whenever I add / remove the tags in uaModeler application and create a new XML & uanodeset file for updating my Automation Studio program with uanodeset and my scada application with XML file, and assign the node ID to respective data types if not assigned (normally it does not require if I am only updating the tags in uaModeler).

Status before running the online uploader from the controller:-

  1. Seems all graphics are linked through “Object Type”, available in my library objects and associated with the selected data types in OpcUaMap.uad default view.
  2. All graphics are available with my project objects.

The problem starts after running An online uploader from the controller to update the changes
Screenshot 2024-05-25 124828

Suddenly “Object Type” disappears. even though I do everything, nothing works, like reopening the program, reassigning the NodeID, adding the uanodeset file, or adding & uploading the XML file…

How the problem gets resolved, but this is not recommended because it restarts my controller
If I clean the project configuration, download the program by restarting the controller, and then run the uploader in SCADA side, it resolves the issue and all project object graphics reappear with “Object Type”.

What I want to do
Whenever I want to update the nodeset file, the B&R controller must accept changes without disturbing my application and process.

So please let me know how to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi, I’m not sure what exactly is cause of your problem. But I would check logger in AS first, if there is any problem with nodeset file loading, it will be recorded in the logger. You can also try to connect using UAExpert client and check the nodeID, just to verify that the problem is not on SCADA client side. And last but not least, make sure that latest AR is used.