Panel PC2200 adjusting screen brightness

We are using Panel PC2200 with Win 10 to display the MappView visualization. A customer asked if its possible to change the screen brightness (individually for different employees and daytimes I guess) of the panel. We know its possible in the Win 10 System - but thats nothing we want to show the customer.
Is there a way to change the screen brightness via software from the PLC? It seems like a very basic function, but I’m not able to find anything about it.

Thanks in advance - I appreciate your help and efforts

You have to install the ADI OPC UA Server ADI OPC UA Server (Win10 64-bit) | B&R Industrial Automation ( and make an OPC UA connection from the PLC/AR to the correct ADI variable with for instance OpcUa_any.


Unfortunately, we had a very bad experience with this software. It crashed and took the whole visualization with it. We encountered a white screen in the browser, no connection, and no button presses were transmitted. We contacted B&R (Bad Homburg), and they even wrote a little script to detect the crash of the software and restart it. This was in March 2022. From then on, we went with the PVI solution and had no problems. The last update from the ADI server was in May 2022. I will have to test it for an extended period due to our bad experience.

Thank you for your response.

Hi Björn,

I’m not sure if I got it right, but I understood that you already use a PVI based communication solution - does that mean that you have developed own Windows programs using PVI to communicate with the PLC?
If yes: PVI also has a ADI line, so is able to communicate to the ADI driver. So if already a PVI program exists on your side, it should be more or less easy possible to extend it with a ADI communication also, for example by “reading a PLC value via PVI ANSL line, and set the DisplayBrightness value via ADI line”.

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We are using BR.ADI.Panel.KeyLedGateway.exe - we did not develop it by ourself.


okay, thanks for the feedback.
Unfortunately I’m not aware of this software (don’t think it’s a “standard B&R software product”), but if you have still contact to the developer I would propose to contact him to discuss adding a “set display brightness by PLC variable” feature…
… of course I can’t swear from the screenshot only, but from the naming “Keymatrix” and “Ledmatrix” I’m pretty sure that this software already uses the ADI driver (Automation Device Interface) either by a PVI driver line or by DLL directly, so it should be possible, at least from a technical point of view, to add such a functionality.

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Thank you for the information. We got it from B&R Bad Homburg/Friedberg and contacted Mr. Tönsjost now directly.

Have a great weekend!

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Thanks for the feedback, same to you!