Plc in servic mode

I downloaded the program and after some time, the PC display the below option any information about it and how to get out of it
i am using AS 4.12

Hi, C80 is hypervisor system with GPOS Linux installed. During booting this table is shown, BR hypervisor is selected as a default one. and system starts automatically. You can not avoid it.

currently, plc is stuck on this page. it is not booting what should I do ??

Do you have external keyboard connected? then you can with arrow select hypervisor and press enter.


After Pressing any Key To Continue
The PC is currently stuck on this screen, and not making any progress

tried to restart by hitting any key, but it remained stuck.

I think from this state is the only solution, system reinstallation. You need project and Automation Studio for that (or generated USB stick with project). It is quite fast do not worry.

Thank you for your help; the problem has been resolved; I reinstalled the Hypervisor, and everything is now working properly.

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would be great to know what has happened before. If you find anything interesting, please get in contact with support of your local B&R office