Problem with B&R power panel 400

a message appears " attempting to boot a hard drive … " then stop and repeat again
i can find that the CompactFlash Card is defected or ither its program is corrupted, how to create the booting CompactFlash Car

If the CF-Card is defect you should get in contact with your machine manufacturer. They should know how to restore it.

You can Order a new Card from B&R but then it is an empty Card.

PP400 could be used with AutomationRuntime - as a Realtime PLC, in this case you need the Automation Studio Projekt to creat directly an CF card (via offline Install) or an image which can later be used to create a CF card.

PP400 could also be used as Windows System. In this case you need an Image of the Windows Version. I think you should provide the Ordernumber of the Windows to B&R Support, so they can provide the image to you.

To prevent such issues with defective Cards in future, it is usefull to create an image of the card with an imaging tool, so there is an backup.

Michael Bertsch

thanks for your support,
Regarding the Automation Studio Projekt program, is it available in your web site?

If there is another machine, can I copy the CompactFlash Card, or it is required a special program to be installed to make the image/copy

The Automation Studio is available on our Website but to use it a Licence is required (Trail Licences requestable), but you need the specific Project which was delevolped from the machine manufacturer for this machine which can be opened by Automation Studio. So the Automation Studio alone will not help you, its only an Development Enviroment for a Machine Project. Please consider also that you need the correct Automation Studio Version - to the Project Version.

To go this way you need to have the Project available or contact you machine manufacturer.

The CF-Card can be copied by standard imaging tools you don’t need a spezific tool.

In general a copy of a CF from an identical Machine can work.

  • The manufacturer stores machine spezific Data on the CF (which we do not know)
  • The manufacturer implemented some coustomer spezific copy protection. (For expamle by checking Serialnumbers of the Hardware)

In generell you can give it a try, if you have a identical Machine.


Thanks again
Sorry for this question
I am afraid about removing the CompactFlash card from the second machine, are there any precautions or protections, if it was removed, could it lose the data, Does any copy trail have an effect ?

The CF-Card is only permitted to remove if the Device (PowerPanel) is Powerless.

The Card keeps data if not Connected.

You should not change Data on the card. Use only read Access.

But finaly you have to decide on your own if you go that way… if you have to much uncertenties, it might be a idea to search for a local expert.


The imaging Tool from B&R is part of the Runtime Utility Center. It is part of the PVI Development Kit. You can Download it here. So you can use a proven tool.