Problems Override Vel and ACC


i have problem within a retrofit of old machine.
Theres a ned conveyorbelt with asynchronious motor configuared as “any induction” as we did several times before. Drive is Acoposmulti encoderless. It´s just a simple MoveVelocity.
(ACP motion 5.13.2 in AS 4.2.7)
Problem, i´m not able to get conveyor belt as fast as needed.
Parameters in attachement.
If i increase Basic.parameter.v_pos over 11600 i get Error 5027 Override.
Limit ist Set to 35000, Override ist 1 (100%)
Changing limits has no influence, Limit of 11600 makes no sense to me.
Has anyone idea how this Error 5027 is created or how i can make the drive speed up?

Hello Michael,
5027 means that the acceleration has been exceeded, not the speed. Have a look into the network command trace.


thats right, but it’s same problem, doesn’t matter if speed or accelaration.
Limits are way highter that movement parameters but i get error 5027 or 5026 if i change movement parameters.

all parameters in the init parameter table can be overwritten, the truth lies in network command trace.

I think you don´t understand the problem right.
I do overright parameters in init table. see attachment of first post.
But if i set for example Basis parameter v_pos for example from 11600 to 12000 while override is fixed at 1 (100%) i get error 5026. But Limit v_pos ist 35000, so why do i get this error beeing far below limit?
And why is limit for working exactly at 11600? makes no sense for me.

What Christoph means is: the only way that you can be sure what limits are currently active and what was written is, to check the Network Command Trace. In a support case that is the least we need to check your problem description against the reality and to see what happens between PLC and drives. If possible please provide the NCT and if possible the project.

In such a case I would also recommend that you contact your local support hotline! They should be able to help!

Best regards!

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Hi @c280005, do you have any updates on this topic? Were you able to pull the NWCT?

Hello Brittany Langston,

i have no updates on this topic. Machine is running with lower speed 24/7 at moment so i´m not able to provide NCT with startup section.
But as i wrote before, parameters are written to drive. If not,i wouldn´t get reaction to my changes. I still don´t understand why getting this error by setting speed/acc to value below limits.
I don´t have insight into running shedule of this machine to get NCT while startup.

best regards

The NCT is so important because you can see if other limits are written previously. The screenshot above only shows the init values of the limits. However, these could have been overwritten in the meantime. This is why the network command trace is so important. Without it, we will probably not make any progress in this case.

Hello @c280005,

as Marcel mentioned: you should contact your local support.

what else you could do:

  • trace the actual limits. The related parameters are mentioned here:
    B&R Online Help

  • get access to SDM web page and create and download a dump with all files included:
    B&R Online Help
    a NCT should be included then

  • it is possible to create a system dump with a function block e.g. after the error message comes up:
    B&R Online Help

Best Regards !