ProcessConfig, ProcessParam, Automation Studio, and YOU

I wanted to share my experiences from testing and provide my high-level understanding of how these FUBs work in MappMotion. Here’s my understanding:

There are 3 locations for the drive configuration data to be present:

  1. Automation Studio - either in the Physical View Axis items or Configuration View mappMotion folder
  2. Loaded into the drive configuration - stored on the drive but not necessarily being used to move the motor
  3. Loaded into the drive parameterization - actually being used to run the motor

What does MC_BR_ProcessParam and MC_BR_ProcessConfig do?

  • MC_BR_ProcessConfig can write to the drive configuration, location 2.
  • MC_BR_ProcessParam can write to the drive parameterization, location 3.
  • MC_BR_ProcessParam can also be used to load the configuration into the parameterization with mode mcPPM_LOAD_FROM_CONFIG
  • Both FUBs can be used to read the respective data from the drives into a data structure.

When does data get moved between these three locations?

  • Between locations 1 and 2: on transfers only when a change is detected or when doing an Initial Install.
  • Between 2 and 3: on every PLC power cycle, or when using MC_BR_ProcessParam with mode mcPPM_LOAD_FROM_CONFIG.

Does anyone else have any questions, corrections, or additions to this information?


I like to use this Picture when doing a Motion Training.



It’s maybe worth mentioning that MC_BR_ProcessConfig supports 3 new modes, from V5.24.0:

  • mcPCM_CREATE: Creates configurations for software elements and hardware modules
  • mcPCM_DELETE: Deletes configurations of software elements and hardware modules
  • mcPCM_DEFAULT_VALUES: Fills the structures with the default values
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There is an additional special behaviour …

If you use the MC_BR_ProcessParam with the Mode “mcPPM_LOAD_FROM_CONFIG” on an Object “mcCFG_AXGRP_PATHGEN (21000)” it will completly restart the AxesGroup and load all referenced AxesGroup-Features.

Sometimes it also gets refercenced as “Global init”, in comparison to ARNC0.

It is only allowed to use this in AxesGroupState “mcGROUP_DISABLED

If you load an Invalid Configuration Setting the Group will get stuck in AxesGroupState “mcGROUP_INVALID_CONFIGURATION” while re-initialising. It can only be Reset via change of Configuration to valid data and Restart of the PLC.


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