Remanente Variable als Teil einer Struktur


kann eine Teil einer Struktur auch remanent gekennzeichnet werden, oder immer nur die ganze Struktur?

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a structure, or the variable of the type of the structure, can only be declared remanent in its entirety.



in the interface of function blocks there is the possibility to mark individual elements as “retain”.
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This is our local recommendation for such cases:

You keep the parameters in permanent memory, by using another permanent structure.

The goal of these permanent structures is: guarding the values of the remanent parameters. In the INIT it loads the value of these parameters in the functional structures. The remanent structures are copied continuously with the values ​​of the substructure containing the parameters.


Hello Martin,
Still the complete function block is retain.

Hello Luis,
Permanent memory is removed in a future AR-version.

Hello Corne,

the function block instance variable is in the remanent memory, if at least one element is marked as “retain”.
But at every PLC startup the elements not marked as “retain” are set to zero, having the same effect as if only the “retain” elements where in the remanent memory. :wink: