Running different brand servo motor with ACOPOS P3

Hello all,
I have a project where I have lenze motor which I want to run with acopos P3 inverter.
Untill now I have been running only B&R motors with Endat 2.2 encoder and it was running always without problems. Lenze has digital albsolute encoder AM20-8V-D and it says something about HIPERFACE DSL which is also available on acopos P3.


My question is if this is also seemlesly configurable as we would be using B&R motors? So basically PLUG AND PLAY.

Yes, is that simple.

For sure you are using ACP10 motion control;
uou have to order the license 1TGACP0000.00-01
(one per third-party motors that you are using)

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Thank you for your answer.
Yes I am using ACP10 motion control and I am aware that I have to use licence for each axis.
And acopos is taking parameters from lenze motor like from b&r motor? so no need of configuring motors in automation studio etc. ?

I have never used HIPERFACE, but it should be the same procedure as in Endat 2.1 or Endat 2.2.

Where i have to enter the parameters of the Servo? No parameters it just work!
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How the ACOPOS recognizes the new servo? The magic of communication with the encoder.
I remember once, like… 10 years ago, that we change a 6000 RPM servo without brake in South corea, just shipping the new servo for a 3000RPM with brake.
The OEM just sent the servo, no updates, no Chages in Automation Studio. Even no Autotuning!