Safety Release

I’m currently developing a new application and want to begin with the latest (or close to latest) runtimes. The application includes mappSafety and a SafeDesigner project. My question is, how do I ensure I have the latest Safety Release version? Currently I’m at 1.10. I can’t seem to find any corresponding upgrades available via the upgrade utility in Automation Studio.

Hi Jason, welcome into our community!

I think you are mixing the two safety technologies from B&R. Safety Release is older (already legacy) than mapp Safety, and this last update was version 1.10.

If in your project you are using mappSafety as you said, all safety related hardware must have firmware version 2.x.x.x (System requirements). And the last version of it is 5.24.1. You can download it from Tools > Upgrades > Filtering by Technology Packages > mappSafety

You can find all mapp Safety related documentation in AS Help or in the manual. Links:
B&R Online Help - mapp Safety
Integrated safety technology user’s manual - mapp Safety | B&R Industrial Automation (


Thank you Xabier! I’m using mappSafety 5.24.1 already and the latest hardware upgrades so I think I’ll be ok.

HI Jason, you’re correct. In that case you are already using the latest upgrade.

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