Saving logbook/logger to a file device


Is there a way to save the logbook into the USER partition or other file device? In earlier versions of AR, it was possible to just copy the logbook using FileCopy from the FileIO library. But since AR A4.91 the System partition is protected and this method does not work anymore.

I am aware of the AsArSdm library and the possibility to create a system dump. But is there a way to save the just logger to a file device without having to create a full system dump?

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Hello Jens,

if you want to save a copy of a logger module in binary format (for example to open it later with Automation Studio), you could try following:
1.) use the function block MO_info() to identify the module’s address and length
2.) create a file using FileIO library with the module’s binary content and file ending “.br”
3.) Download the file, for example with FTP, and open it with Automation Studio

Please see the following example screenshots.
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Hello Alexander,

This method works great! Thank you very much.

I just want to add that if you want to copy the regular B&R logbooks, and not a user logbook, the module name parameter pName for the MO_info function block has to be on the format $$<logbook_name>.

So if you want to extract the System logbook you need to do this: pName := $$arlogsys.
Or pName := $$safety if you want the safety logbook and so on…

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