Special Characters (backslash) in tmx language file

I’m trying to display a backslash '' with a localizable .tmx file in MappView. Many special characters are working just fine, but the backslash throws an exception “TextSystemError … invalid Element”
I tried different solutions none of them lets me display a single backslash in the Visualisation:

\ → compiler error
"\"→ displays as "\"
\\ → displays as \\
\ → displays as \
^\ → compiler error
& #92; → displays as & #92;

Does anybody know a solution?
Thank you in advance, I appreciate your efforts

Unfortunately the backslash character is not allowed at all.

The following limitations apply to text strings:

  • Strings must be stored in UTF-8 format.
  • The special character \ (backslash) is not permitted.
  • { and } (curly brackets) delimit format descriptions in format strings.

Automation Help: Textsystem Strings

Depending on your use case, there is sort of a “workaround”:
Instead of using the backslash (“\”) use the “reverse solidus operator” (“\”) :slight_smile: This is just a unicode character, which looks pretty similar to the backslash, but should not cause issues … (Attention: Your font needs to support UniCode …)

Just go to this page „⧵“ U+29F5 Operator Gespiegelter-Schrägstrich-Operator Unicode-Zeichen and copy / paste the character into the text …


Thank you very much! This did the trick. Our original font does not support this character, but the reverse solidus of the fallback font of the browser looks close to identical!