Character Error in Mappview

Hi There,

I am having a requirement where in Mappview when we add Chinese or any other characters, it shows question marks. So I wanted to know that how I can solve this question mark issue, or how will I be able to display that characters without question mark.

Hi Dev!

Chinese language is supported from mapp View 5.6 according to AS Help. B&R Online Help - Text system requirements

Take into account that if you have a binding to this text input/output, the variable linked must be of type WSTRING. This could be the problem.

This message you can find it in the same AS Help referred before:
Important: The maximum size of the text refers to the number of bytes, i.e. in English (ASCII) 1 character = 1 byte, while in Chinese 1 character = 3 bytes (usually).

+info about WSTRING: B&R Online Help - STRING, WSTRING

Also it could be the font you are using doesn’t support Chinese characters. Inside Arial family, for instance, you must use Arial Unicode. Which includes Chinese chars. Arial Unicode MS font family - Typography | Microsoft Learn