Transfer of user files

One possibility to manager user files is within the project (like shown in the screenshot). Therefore a folder / package called “UserFiles” is created. Of course this does not have to be managed within AS, folder can be anywhere on the PC.

If user file transfer should also be possible besides intial installation (e.g. for consistent installation), configuration needs to be adapted => enable “Automatic transfer of userfiles”

The important thing to understand now is the handling of user-files, therefore some use-cases we had with customers to make the behaviour clear:

1) Adding some new files (Automatic transfer of userfiles = ON):

  • Some “basis” user files are transfered during initial installation

  • Later on, some user files should be added during consistent installation

=> Result: “UserFiles” (File1, File2, File3) are deleted from target, “UserFilesNew” (File4, File5) are added

=> All files transfered via project transfer are managed / compared by the system

=> Check software differences in the transfer dialog, there you can see what will happen:

Additional information:

=> The option “Overwrite existing files” does not come into account here, it is just comparing files with same name on target and on local machine.


GUID: 91e2bde9-a0b8-4a52-a225-7246b8a8197c => “Existing files on the user partition are overwritten if the contents are different from the corresponding local file.”

2) Adding new files externally, e.g. via

  • FTP
  • MpRecipe

Differentiating two cases:

  • Initial installation

Of course here all files from user partition are deleted, because whole flash memory is formatted.

  • Automatic transfer of user files

Externally created files are not managed by the system / transfer of user files mechanism. Therefore, external created files will not be deleted during a transfer of user files even if they are not part of the user files of your local machine.

In the sample the file “ExtCreatedFile1.txt” was added via FTP. So it is not managed by the system and will not appear in the software compare: