Using Profile Generator and CamAutomat features with together

Hello ;

I am using Mapp Motion and AS in my project. I am using Axis feature for Cam Automat and working good. But when the cam automat is not being used, I need to make manual movement with jerk.If I add both of them
I get an error( CamAutomat.Data.Size is Invalid expected is size of(McCamAutParType) ).

How can I use both of them?

Hello Furkan, welcome to our community!

The Cam Automat for ProfGen axes is slightly different from the one for ACOPOS axes.
The type can be selected here (“Common” is for all ProfGen axes):

Thank you for your reply.I changed Cam automat type Acapos to Common but same error is occured again .

There are different function blocks and structures for ACOPOS Cam automat and Common Cam automat.


MC_BR_CamAutomatGetPar (.CamAutomat.DataSize = sizeof(McCamAutParType_MyVar))

The marked code is missing in your program.

I didn’t know there was a difference between the two(Acapos and Common ParType). I solved it thank you soo much Martin.