Mapp Motion MpAxisBasic Jerk

Hi All,

I am using mapp motion v5.24 and I need point to point basic positioning with acoposmulti/micro servo driver but when I use MpAxisBasicParType Jerk value that’s gives invalid jerk error(-1067448319). I need use jerk parameter for smooth positioning.
I would rather use Jerk instead of JerkTime.

Hello harguc,

the “Jerk” parameter is only supported when central set point generation is used.
To activate that add a ProfGen feature to the configuration view of your project and select “Jerk filter”=“Jerk limited” there, set the jerk limit value.
Select the added ProfGen feature in the HW configuration of your axis:

I almost forgot. You also have to add the “McProfGen” module in the “Change runtime version” dialogue to “mapp Motion”:

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Thank you so much Martin, i will try what you say. By the way, the maximum jerk time in acoposmulti is 0.4 seconds. Can I increase this time? Is this possible?

The limits for JerkTime are fix Values in the Firmware of the ACOPOS. They have been increased in the past with a ACP10 Version.



What I have described above is how to activate the jerk limitation in the movement profile, jerk time is not involved there.
This allows you to set a maximum jerk in the ProfGen feature and a specific “Jerk” value for every movement command.