VC4 - Bitmap with transparent color


I’m trying to define a bitmap image with a transparent background colour.
Whatever bitmap file format I use, I can’t get the transparency right.
In the list of images, when I select the transparent colour for my image, it is displayed correctly.
But when I use this image on a page I get a grey background instead of the transparent background.

How can I obtain a correct transparent background?

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It depends on your bitmap and the VC4 color-settings, please see here in the online help:

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Hi Christian!

In addition to the documentation provided by my colleague Alexander, which I recommend you consult, I add:

If you want a transparent image then this must be in PNG format. Check those screenshots of the configuration of the bitmap to obtain transparency.

Bitmap addition:

Bitmap in a page:

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your help.
I just missed the FillStyle attribute.