Vision camera IR-Filter: For how many cycles is it desgined for?


does anyone know for how may cycles (ON/OFF) the IR-Filter in the smart sensors / cameras is designed for? Can´t find any numbers in datasheet.

Hi Bernhard, I have also not found any number in datasheet so I guess that number is so big that there is not expectation that you could reach limit value. Can you tell us your use-case, in other words how many cycles do you expect to reach in your application? So I can discuss it with vision experts and give you proper feedback?

I might have an application where a smart camera should carry out multiple checks. One works better with IR lighting and the other with red light. In this application I would have to turn IR off and on about 15000 times per day/3.5mio per year

Our IR switch is guaranteed to last for about 50,000 uses. Therefore, we cannot guarantee it for an application requiring 15,000 switches per day. No manufacturer can offer such a guarantee. A better solution would be to purchase a second camera for the IR application