When analyzing the program using AS's profiler, the unknowncylic task appears

I’m having a strange problem analyzing a program using Profiler.
There are only 3 tasks in the Cycle 3 configuration.
But there are 2 Unknown Tasks in the profiler, why do these two UnknownCylic Tasks appear?

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Hello @cuiw,

these are task which are created during runtime (more precise, during the profiling) by libraries, mapp components or the OPC UA server (as an example).
Usually it is enough to increase the size of “Buffer for created tasks” and “Buffer for created user tasks” in the profiler settings as described here.

You can find additional information on the profiler in this article.

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Understood now. Thank you very much for your answer.

Hello @fabian.pries ,
Could I ask you again about the difference between net time and gross time in the profiler analysis table?

Net times should be understood as cycle times. These times do not include the duration of disruptions by interrupts or other higher-priority events.

The runtimes of these disruptions are included in the gross times.

If a task is not interrupted very much (or at all), then the average gross/net times could show very similar values.

Total times of task classes can deviate from the sum of the individual tasks since the total time also includes overhead.

Automation Help: Evaluating Profiler Data


Thank you very much for your help!