Workaround for SafeDESIGNER Windows 11 compatibility

Hello everyone, I came across this information while researching SafeDESIGNER and I thought I would share it here as a reference.

Issue #1:

At present, B&R does not support SafeDESIGNER running on Windows 11 Operating systems. (The full list of OS compatibility can be found here)
This can present a challenge as sometimes as IT departments will require employees to move to this operating system.


Use a Compatible OS Virtual Machine Note: there is a big pitfall related to this solution covered in Issue #2

Issue #2

Some virtual machines allow storing the actual project somewhere on the host machine (actual PC OS) and then access this via a shared drive/folder from the virtual machine OS.

With SafeDesigner this generally works and allows opening and compiling but when trying to transfer the project via SD RemoteControl the compiled files are not found resulting in errors like:

“Project is not compiled! Download is not possible”


Store the project within the VM and not a shared folder.

Within the VM, a subsequent Build+Download from AS followed by safety application download via AsSafety (SR1.10) or SfDomain/HMI (mappSafety) does work from safety side.

I hope this helps!


My collogue claims to have been using SafeDESIGNER running on a computer using Windows 11. I think we’re using SafeDESIGNER v4.4.1.0

Hi Johnny,

SafeDESIGNER may run on Windows 11, but it is not officially supported by B&R so the safety integrity cannot be verified. The chain of safety validation is broken at that point even if the program appears to run fine.

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