X20CS2770 FIFO Memory

How much is the maximum value for the FIFO memory when using the Cyclic stream function model on the X20CS2770 communication module?

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The X20CS1070 and X20CS2770 have 256Byte receive buffers per CAN interface on the module.

A CAN telegram with 8 bytes of net data occupies up to 17 bytes in memory. In this case, the CS module can buffer 15 telegrams.

Starting with HW- Upgrade the limit of the FIFO can be set by a register from 20 to 4096 bytes


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We are probably talking about different buffers.
My information applies to the existing memory on the X20CS interface module. Christoph writes about the FIFO buffer that is reserved on the PLC control.

I mean this Buffer!

yep. see my last post.
If you try to insert a ‘5000’ into this field an information message will pop up.

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