x20SM1436 motor current param


We are operating stepper motor ST4118L3004-A by a stepper motor module x20SM1436 (3A,24V)
The default of x20SM1436 settings are:

I am looking for the technical information regarding the above settings (per motor datasheet). Can some one provide B&R document ?

In this specific case, I would like to know if I can set maximum and rated current to 100% in order to achieve the maximum torque of the motor?

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Evgeni Kecher

Hello Evgeni,
In my opinion you have to set 100% for the current of 3 amps. Due to the rated current 3 amps for X20SM1436.
100% means 3 amps.
If necessary, you can take up to 117%.

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You can set the rated current and the maximum current to 100%. Both of them.


Thanks Pavel for the fast Responce. I just want to add some additional Background about the Settings, which shall help to understand why we have 3 Values for Current, but a Stepper is normaly only given 1 Value.

The three current settings are used by the software depending on the Set-Velocity.

Velocity = 0 => Holding Current
Velocity = constant => Rated Current
Velocity = changing => Maximun Current

This was implemented to allow the user to reduce the heating of the Motor if it is possible to reduce current in some situations.

The module can constantly supply 3A = 100%

If you don’t need the current switching feature feel free to set all Values to 100, to get 3A in all situations.

But be aware that the motor will get quite hot.

Additional hint:
It is important to follow the instructions of the technical-X20manual in resprect to the free space below and above the Modul, it will have to dispatche some Heat. If you use more than one Module there are additional rules how to install it!

Greetings Michael



maybe the description of the mapp Motion Automation Help also helps a little to understand the different currents:

Constant speed current => Rated current
This current is used when a movement with a constant speed is active.
The value of the nominal motor current according to the motor data sheet should be used.

Speed change current => Maximum current
This current is used when the axis is accelerated or decelerated.
It should be selected higher than the nominal current if a higher torque is required for a short time during acceleration phases.
If this current is selected too high, or if the acceleration phases last too long, this may result in overheating of the motor.

Standstill current => Holding current
This current is used when no movement is active. This reduces the amount of heat generated by the motor.
It should be selected in such a way that it is not possible for the axis to rotate at standstill (due to the load).

But as already mentioned, it is possible to set them all to the highest value.