4PP220 AS2.4 Project Upgrade to AS4.12

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Due to a panel that is no longer available, we would like to upgrade an AS2.4 project to AS4.12 so that we can replace the old panel with a current one. We have upgraded the project with the panel (4PP220) to AS3.0.90.

Now we have the problem that the old 4PP220 is no longer available in AS4.12.

We have found a panel which we could replace in AS3.0.90 (4MP281) and which is available in AS4.12, but with the replacement we lose the CAN mappings because this panel does not have a CAN interface.

Does anyone know of a controller that can be swapped with the 4PP220 in AS3.0.90 and is available in AS4.12, with a CAN interface so that we don’t lose the bindings?

Or does anyone know another workaround to export these bindings to AS4.12?

From AS3 Automation Studio stores the IO-Mapping (which i think you refer as “Binding”)
in the Configuration View File “IoMap.iom”.

There can be multiple of these Files but in common only one is used.
By right click you can open it as Text.
There you have at least a List which you can Export and Import.
But be aware that with the modification of the Hardware it might be nessasary to update some references.

I am not an expert in replacing old hardware, i think a sales contact of your local B&R supplier can help you best, in an personal meeting.


thanks for the valuable input Michael

Hello Jonas,
the “problem” here is the fact that the PP220 uses a IF card as CAN interface so basically you replace a PLC without CAN interface with a different PLC as the IF card is not directly part of the PLC when replaced. Therefor it is not possible to replace the PP220 without loosing the mapped IO datapoints

ok i see
thanks oliver

No problem - you are welcome !
Unfortunatly there is not even a real replacement for the PP220 as also the PP4xx or 4MP2xx is discontinued and as a short sidenote the PP4xx and MP2xx are also no longer available within AS6.x

So if you need to upgrade to a newer AS and you also want to replace the PP220 I would not suggest to go with a hardware which is also already discontinued and rather think of a long term replacement if necessary

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